Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 100(2) – Urdu Subtitles

Footsteps of statehood

The first divan will be established by Osman Bey when he arrives at Yeniehir. Are the footsteps of statehood going to make a difference to the people? What does Osman Bey mean when he says that Orhan Bey will be Karacahisar Bey in the divan?

Osman Bey is making a big game.

In the middle of the court, Osman Bey will act on the information he received from Konur, his spy in Constantinople. What was the news that Osman Bey was told about? The Emperor is in a hazardous situation. Does the heir to the throne have something to do with this danger? There is a danger waiting for Osman Bey in Constantinople that is entirely different. What is the risk here? Is Osman Bey going to do anything in the face of this danger?

New enemies

Osman Bey has grown, and his enemies also have. The Warriors of the North Olof and their lover Frigg! Olof and Frigg are going to get in the way of Osman Bey. How will Osman Bey deal with those who are standing in his way? Osman Bey, who establishes the order and does not follow the order, will take against the new enemy.

Bala and Malhun chicks are setting up a market in Yenişehir

The prominent market is going to be established in Yeniehir, and ktem Bey and Osman Bey are preparing for it. Tension will arise between ktem Bey’s wife Bengi Hatun and Malhun Hatun during the inspection of the goods. The competition between Aktemur and ktem Bey’s daughter Aliek will escalate this tension. The tension will come to an end.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 2 – Urdu Subtitles

As in every season, Top20Series will appear in high-quality production this season, which doubles the fun of watching. His curiosity was doubled when the poster for his work was released.

There is a new development in the Toprak Il Fidan series! The new season of Toprak Ir Fidan starring Hazar Adiyaman and Osman Aydin was unveiled on Starscreen on weekdays.

kurulus Osman Episode 100

The series was directed by Eray Koak and Burcu Bayram Dursun, and was written by Ahmet Koseoglu, Gokcen Eroglu, Inan Gungoren and Can Oz.

The story of Fidan and Toprak who were separated in an accident, is told in this series. There are wine napkins in front of the TV this season. All episodes of Toprak Ile Fidan will be airing every weekday on Star.

The trailer for the 14th episode of the most eye-catching summer series on STAR TV has been released. The trailer for the new episode had Duy Beni in it. Kanat went insane when he thought that he had been sent the note. This time the memo is not from the man himself. Ekim was at a loss as to what to do as Ate’s movements became more erratic with each passing day.

kurulus Osman Episode 100 urdu

When unexpected pregnancy news rocks the real college, Ozan’s stranglehold on Ekim suggests something is about to happen as Aziz and Leila set sail for new love interests.

Signed by Sre Film, his STAR TV hit series, “Duy Beni,” continues to hit screens with new episodes. There is a question about what happens to young people. True College takes a very different turn each month after all the events. As Emine’s suicide puts the kids on hold, Atesh, a new student at school, changes the situation.

Jessica May is very happy to be a part of this series and she reflects that in her words. Jessica May’s message to the universe has come true with the departure of Damra Kolvey. I have wanted to work with Osman Sinaf for a long while.

I think if one day it will come true, I have dreamed about it for a long time. I think the universe got my message when I said I was happy to be on the set of this beautiful story with legendary masters and irreplaceable director Chaathai Tosun.

Her Baak Gmlcineliolu, who rose to fame with Kanal D’s Yarg character ‘Neva’ and retired from the series this season, married her long time colleague, a. He spent last weekend with her family and close friends. A colorful wedding frame of the famous couple who brought their long and happy marriage to the wedding table was shared on social media. For her husband, the text and composition belonged to her, not the song.

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